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Piuma Trail

Trail in Malibu Creek State Park


  • Directions

  • Distance

    1.69 miles


This trail follows Piuma Road, just below and to the north of Piuma Ridge, and connects to other segments of the Backbone Trail on either end, Saddle Peak Trail to the east and Mesa Peak Motorway to the west. Most of Pium Ridge Trail passes through forested areas in close proximity to residential properties. The tree cover provides a cooler trail experience on warm days. Look for great rock outcropping along the route.

Piuma Ridge Trail can be accessed via the Piuma Connector Trail from the main parking area at Tapia County Park, located approximately 3 miles south of Malibu Creek State Park on the west side of Las Virgenes Rd. Piuma Connector Trail follows the creek under the bridge to meet up the trail on the east side of Las Virgenes Rd.

Allowed Activities
Horseback Riding