Nicholas Ranch House Road

Trail in Leo Carrillo State Park


  • Directions

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  • Distance

    0.15 miles


Nicholas Ranch House Road is one of many trails in the Nicholas Flat Network.

Located in the hills overlooking Malibu and the Pacific Coast, these trails offer moderate to strenuous hiking opportunities, climbing up single-track trails with rewarding views of the Santa Monica Mountains and the surrounding area. For a good loop head out from Leo Carrillo State Park on Nicholas Flat Trail to the intersection with Leo Carrillo Scenic Overlook Trail. Continue on Willow Creek Trail to connect back to the staging area. Bicycles are not allowed on any trails; horses are allowed on all trails except Leo Carrillo Scenic Overlook Trail.

The network can be accessed from the Leo Carrillo State Park staging area, located on the PCH, approximately 10 miles north of Malibu.

Allowed Activities
Horseback Riding