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High Trail

Trail in Mount San Jacinto State Park


  • Directions

  • Distance

    1.10 miles

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The High Trail is one of two trails that you can take to get to Round Valley and beyond. To access this trail from the Long Valley Ranger Station you would head south on the Willow Creek trail for 1 mile. At the one mile mark, you will see a sign showing the High Trail to the right (west). If Round Valley Campground is your destination, can take the High Trail for 1.1 miles until you hit the junction with the Round Valley Trail and continue on this trail for another .3 miles. From Round Valley campground, you can also take one of the many trails to explore more of the wilderness.

The High trail can also be hiked as a loop trail, following the same directions, but instead of going west on the Round Valley, head to the east. Following this, will lead you back to the Long Valley Ranger Station. Distance from Long Valley Ranger Station and back is 3.9 moderate to easy miles.

Allowed Activities
Horseback Riding