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Discovery Trail

Trail in Inyo National Forest


  • Directions

  • Distance

    0.98 miles


The Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest Visitor Center is at Schulman Grove with a picnic area and three self-guided trails to explore. The trails begin and end at the visitor center parking area and have interpretive signs and rest benches. Discovery Trail: One mile loop. Features Ancient Bristlecone Pines, interpretive signs, and rest benches along the trail. Dr. Schulman first found the grove to be over 4000 years old. Interpretive panels along the trail tell the story of Dr. Schulman's discovery while rest benches provide a place to sit and contemplate the spectacular scenery. The short length of this trail makes it a perfect introductory hike for families or those not wanting to take the longer 4 mile Methuselah Trail. Methuselah Trail: A 4.5 mile loop with 900 feet of elevation gain makes this the longest trail. Numbered posts and a brochure guide you along the trail. Several rest benches have scenic views. The Methuselah Tree is along this trail, but there is not a sign that points it out. This trail can be combined with the Bristlecone Cabin Trail. Bristlecone Cabin Trail: 3.5 mile loop. Offers views of the old miner's cabins and mine entrances of the Mexican Mine, and passes many Ancient Bristlecone Pine Trees and Foxtail Pines. Return on the Methuselah Trail for the full 3.5 mile loop.

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