Bradley Grove Trail

Trail in Calaveras Big Trees State Park


  • Directions

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  • Distance

    2.16 miles


The Bradley Grove trail begins on the left side of the South Grove trail just after the Beaver Creek Bridge. The main features of this 2.5-mile loop are a grove of young Sierra redwoods planted in the 1950’s by South Grove caretaker Owen Bradley, and some giant "outrigger" Sequoias isolated from the main grove. The trail gains 280 feet in elevation, with several moderate climbs and descents.

The Bradley Grove consists of about 150 30-year-old Sierra redwoods growing on the far side of a small meadow. The Bradley trail has a “nursery area” along the railroad tracks. Owen Bradley, caretaker of the South grove planted seedlings in this spot because of abundant water and plenty of sun. Many of these trees are now over 60 feet tall and today over 150 of Owen’s trees are still growing strong. You can also see two very old and large naturally occurring Sierra redwoods and their offspring, as well as stands of mountain dogwood and white alder. Unlike most of the park, this area has been heavily impacted by human activity.

Allowed Activities
Wheelchair Accessible