Kahuku Motocross Park (perimeter)

Trail in Kahuku Motocross Park


  • Directions

    Geolocation is not allowed
  • Distance

    4.16 miles



Length (one way): 0.63 mi / 1.01 km - Elevation Change: ft / -- m

General Summary:

Kahuku Motocross Park (perimeter) is a 0.63 trek consisting of trails, riding trails, and racetrack.

For additional information refer to the "Route description" section below.

Allowed Activities
Atv Riding
Motorcycle Riding
Road Biking
Rules & Regulation
Stay On Trail
Allowed Access
Motor Vehicles

Additional Information

Amenities & Facilities

  • Parking
  • Picnic Table
  • Restroom
  • Trash Cans


1/2 Mile past Sunset beach


  • Blind Corner
  • Fire Danger
  • Narrow Tail
  • Uneven Surface
  • Vehicle Traffic

Simple Trail Tips

  1. Stay on the trail.
  2. Check the weather
  3. Watch the time
  4. Avoid undue risk
  5. Read all posted signs
  6. Respect other trail users
  7. Pack out at least what you pack in.


  • ATV/Motorized Vehicles
  • Bicycle
  • Entry Fee
  • Motorcycle


  • Open Views


  • No Littering
  • No Open Fires
  • No Plant Sand Dirt Rock Removal

Special Conditions

The Park is open Sat and Sun and all Federal Holidays.8:00 to 6:00. Park users must stay within the park boundary.

Do not use any trail or access road that is not delineated by name and color and that may also be displayed on these maps. The marked features are managed for public recreational use. Other trails or roads that branch off from the public features may be on private property, and are not managed for any public recreational use. Access is subject to adjacent landowner approval, and if used without authorization, you will be trespassing and possibly putting yourself at risk.

Downloadable resources are provided below

Terrain and Trail Environment

Motocross Riding area, Race track, intermediate to hard pack dirt, Forest areas

Route Description

This riding area is about 450 acres and has a perimeter trail, racetrack and many riding trails. The Hawaii Motorsports Association, Inc (HMA) oversees park operations and management. HMA is a non-profit organization permitted through the Department of Land and Natural Resources to manage this area for motorized off-highway vehicles (OHV). Federal Recreational Trail Program (RTP) monies are used to support maintenance and services for the park. This is the only legal OHV park on the island.