Alfred Creek



  • Directions

    Geolocation is not allowed
  • Distance

    17.03 miles



Deep in the Talkeetna Range, Alfred Creek Trail begins after crossing over Belanger Pass. The trail first follows Pass Creek, then Alfred Creek with the Syncline Mountains rising to the South. The trail repeatedly crosses Alfred Creek, which can be dangerously deep, as it passes through active and abandoned gold mining claims until it reaches Caribou Creek. 

Alfred Creek Trail is part of the Sheep Mountain 150 dogsled race course. A mountain-bike traverse of Syncline Mountain along the Alfred Creek Trail is described in the 1991 edition of 49 Trails in the 49th State, but it is unclear if conditions are favorable today.

Please note that crossing Caribou Creek is not recommended in summer, and that many of the routes in the Talkeetnas exist primarily as Winter snowmachine and dogsled trails.

***If you are attempting to reach Caribou Creek by ATV, take the South fork of the trail. The North fork becomes impassible at a narrow canyon about a mile upstream of Caribou Creek.

Allowed Activities
Atv Riding
Mountain Biking
Dog Mushing