"Squaw Creek"



  • Directions

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  • Distance

    9.63 miles



The so-called "Squaw Creek Trail" is a multi-use route travels along the base of the Syncline Mountains, roughly parallel to so-called "Squaw Creek" and to the Glenn Highway. Accessed from the Belanger Pass Trail side (off Startup Road- mile 123 of the Glenn), the trail is initially extremely muddy and swampy but firms up in its middle section before it drops into the streambed and crosses the creek multiple times in its westernmost miles before reaching Caribou Creek. Squaw Creek Trail can also be reached from the Gunsight Mountain Trail (off mile 118 of the Glenn Hwy).

Xelt'aats'i Tene' is an Ahtna name posted on a sign in the area which translates to Water Lily River. Some good routefinding skills and an adventuresome spirit (or the right motorized vehicle) can turn this trail into a fun circuit around the Syncline Mountains, as described in 55 Ways to the Wilderness in Southcentral Alaska. The arduous 25-mile circuit route begins (or ends) on Gunsight Mountain Trail, continues along Xelt'aats'i Tene' /Squaw Creek up to Alfred Creek and back down (or up) the Belanger Pass Trail.