Trail Lake



  • Directions

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  • Distance

    4.99 miles



The Trail Lake route differs in Winter and in Summer. Wintertime, this trail and others are often groomed by Majestic Valley Lodge, and the Trail Lake Trail is accessible from multiple points along the highway and the lodge. In the Summer, the trail departs from Alascom Access Road, and is much like many of the other motorized trails in the Valley as it features creek crossings and frequent braiding as users establish alternate routes to avoid muddy sections. The trail braids into an especially boggy section before crossing a creek 1.5 miles past Alascom Road. From there the trail roughly parallels the East Fork of the Matanuska River until it meets the Goober Lake Trail.

***Please note that this GPS track may mark a winter trail or an old trail. Do not attempt to follow the GPS track in summer, instead look for the trail heading NE/left off Alascom Access Road just before reaching the second lake on the right (Knob Lake).