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Carpenter Creek



  • Directions

  • Distance

    13.75 miles



If one feels like getting into back-woods Alaska, Carpenter Creek is your trail. This wide, multi-use tail departs from the end of Wolverine Road, passes by private property with abundant no-trespassing signs, goes near a dilapidated bus, junkyard and trailer in a scenic hayfeild, and continues on into the gorgeous Western Chugach range.

To stay on public access, park at the pull-out at the end of Wolverine Road across from a row of mailboxes, just after the "State Maintenance Ends" sign, and continue relatively straight on the main trail.

There are several stream crossings about three miles in, cross-able by ATV, although hikers would get their feet wet. The trail opens into an airstrip about six miles in and is less distinct after that point.

The trail makes for a enjoyable jog or ski, or an access point for a longer backpacking trip for proficient explorers going deep into the mountains. 

The Wolverine Lake trail is accessed by the Carpenter Creek Trail. It departs to the right just before the teal bus, and swoops downhill to the lake side. Summer and winter trails may differ slightly. 

Allowed Activities
Atv Riding
Cross Country Skiing
Mountain Biking
Road Biking
Allowed Access
Motor Vehicles