Matanuska Floodplain



  • Directions

    Geolocation is not allowed
  • Distance

    18.15 miles



Starting at the Matanuska Bridge just outside Palmer and continuing 18 miles to the Glenn Highway, the Matanuska Floodplain Trail offers short and long excursions for runners, walkers and bikers.  Enjoy the lovely views of Pioneer Peak, small cottonwood trees, and the beautiful glacial river itself. The trail is on the river floodplain itself for much of the 18 miles. River rocks, glacial silt and small trees are underfoot.

Be cautious - the Matanuska River is swift moving, cold and can be dangerous. Keep kids and pets safely away from the channels of this braided river and do not go onto overhanging ice near open water.

One can park at 'Matanuska River Access Parking' and go underneath the highway in a large tunnel to access this side of the Matanuska River. 

Allowed Activities
Dog Walking
Road Biking
Allowed Access