Matanuska River Park

Trail in Matanuska River Park


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    Geolocation is not allowed
  • Distance

    1.90 miles


Matanuska River Park has approximately 1.6 miles of trails, which form a loop from the parking areas to the river. The trails connect the campground, day use area, and athletic fields to the riverside. Most of the trail network traverses gentle rolling terrain through a forest of cottonwood, birch and spruce. When snow cover is sufficient, the park roads are groomed for skate and classic skiing and narrower paths make a great place to walk or snowshoe, depending on the conditions.  The nearby Palmer Bike Park and pump track is an attraction for riders learning aerial and pumping skills.

Trails approach the swift-moving Matanuska River. Stay safely away from the dangerous areas and keep an eye on children and pets. 

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Road Biking
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No Motorized
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