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Stevens Creek Trail - Mountain View



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    4.92 miles

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Stevens Creek Trail in Mountain View is approximately 5 miles of paved multi-use trail. The official starting point is at the North end where the creek reaches the old salt ponds.  From there, the first 1.75 miles is on the top of the levy bank of the creek until is passes under Highway 101.

South from the 101 underpass, the trail moves into the riparian corridor of the creek as it also enter the more residential portion of the city, continuing this way for about 3 miles with crossings of Middlefield Road, Highway 85, Central Expressway, Highway 237 and finally El Camino Real.

South of El Camino Real, the trail moves a bit away from the creek into the adjacent meadow where oaks and tall poppies line the sides.  Finally, the trail crosses back over to the East side of Highway 85, the current terminus of the trail at the corner of Dale Ave and Heatherstone Way.

The North end of the trail joins up with the Bay Trail heading both East and West, as well as an unpaved section of the Stevens Creek Trail that follows along the Eastern side the creek out to San Francisco Bay.

Midway, Stevens Creek Trail joins the Hetch-Hetchy trail at Whisman Park.

Since the trail has a great many access points, no address if given here for the whole trail.  Click on an Trailhead for address and directions.

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