iOS Release Notes

Detailed notes for releases of OuterSpatial iOS, including branded apps.


This release includes new social tools, a fully redesigned and expanded point of interest symbol set, and content that sorts to display what's closest to you. As usual, it also includes a slew of smaller (but not to be forgotten!) internal improvements and bug fixes.

These release notes also apply to Daycation 1.2.0 and TRAILSMV 1.3.0.


  • New social tools make it easy to view and interact with updates directly from OuterSpatial's partner organizations.
  • Expanded the point of interest symbol set to include more than 100 types.
  • Modified the home screen overview map and carousel to show Outings and locations nearest to you (if you've given the app permission to access your location).
  • Similarly, the Explore list now automatically sorts to display Outings and locations that are closest to you — if, again, you have given OuterSpatial access to your location.


  • Implemented major performance improvements both when loading the app for the first time and when switching between communities.
  • Added edit and camera buttons to make it clear that profile editing tools are available in the Me tab.
  • Improved the "Reload Community Data" tool in the application settings.
  • Cleaned up the navigation hierarchy to make it more intuitive.
  • Implemented lazy loading of some secondary detail maps to improve the memory footprint.
  • Cleaned up terrain data for Alaska community.
  • Added new area and trail tags, including: Seasonality, an expanded list of activity types, and common rules and regulations.
  • Improved messaging around failed log ins and sign ups to make it clear what went wrong.
  • Implemented community "masks" throughout the app's maps.
  • Implemented Universal Links so opening a URL on your device will now open the app, if available.
  • Added support for "Manager" steward organizations.


  • Fixed an issue that was causing the splash screen to not display at times when loading the app from the background.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the bookmark button to stay disabled after successfully creating a bookmark.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the profile photo from being saved.
  • Fixed an issue where the Explore map infoview would hide when navigating back to Explore from a child screen.