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I begin this journal like I begin every day, with a deep, cleansing breath of fresh air filling my lungs; with a mind open to the discoveries that lay before me; and with great appreciation for the wisdom offered by nature, even when I acquire that wisdom the hard way.

For instance:

  • Wildlife may not need good shoes, but I certainly do
  • Wildlife appreciate quiet footsteps and will let you know it by showing their faces and making their sounds
  • Trails do not always stay above water
  • One of the best ways to share a discovery along the trail is to leave it for the next person to find. If you take anything, take a picture.
  • It's amazing how much nature you can experience right from the trail. It's also amazing how much poison oak you DON'T experience from the trail.
  • There's always time for sunscreen and bug repellent.
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