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Scenic Viewpoint in Quansoo Farm


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In the Wampanoag language, “Quansoo” means “eel,” or “long fish.” Naming this area “Quansoo” likely occurred because of the fall migration of female eels

from Black Point Pond to the sea. The name also indicates that this part of Chilmark has long been important to people. As the antique Mayhew-HancockMitchell house attests, Quansoo remained important once European settlement had begun. Reputed to date back to the 17th century, the Mayhew-HancockMitchell House is thought to have been a Meetinghouse used by the missionary Mayhew family. Quansoo offers access to a wealth of natural resources. Nearby ponds contain eels, clams, oysters, crabs, fish and waterfowl. Much of the soil of Quansoo Farm is classified as prime agricultural soil, and the land here has supported farming for generations. Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation is working to continue the farming heritage of this land.