Broken Top Trailhead

Trailhead in Deschutes National Forest


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    Geolocation is not allowed



The access road for this trailhead (Forest Road 370 to Forest Road 380, past Todd Lake) is very rugged and high clearance 4-wheel drive vehicles are recommended. This is a heavily used trailhead and the public is reminded that self issued wilderness permits are required and available at the trailhead. There is a toilet at this site.

Provides access to: Broken Top Trail within Three Sisters Wilderness. This trailhead has a parking lot at the Wilderness boundary near Ball Butte. 

Additional Information


  • Free PERMIT required Memorial Day through October 31: self-issue wilderness permit available at the trailhead.
  • Motorized and mechanical equipment (including bicycles and drones) are prohibited in the wilderness.
  • Groups must be under 12 people and 12 head of stock.
  • Build campfires at least 100 feet away from water.
  • Pack in / Pack out!
  • “Take only pictures, leave only footprints”—please refrain from cutting, damaging or gathering vegetation or other forest items, i.e. rocks, etc.
  • Please bury human waste 6-8” deep and at least 200’ away from water.

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  • Backpacking
  • Day Hiking