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Touchless Car Wash



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You don't need a car to visit the Touchless Car Wash and take in the murals surrounding the property - all by local artists. In fact, the site is best visited after hours or on Tuesdays or Wednesdays when the car wash is closed. You will not be able to miss the colorful 85' x 35' "No More Mean" people wall drawing by Michael "Spike" Krouse, an artist who also owns the nearby Madrone Art Bar and won the "2019 Best Mural" award from SF Beautiful. On the Divisadero side of the building, you are cordially welcomed to the 'hood by the "Divisadero" mural by all-women street artist team Orlie Kapitulnik, Michelle "Meng" Nguyen and Amanda Durbin. Round the corner of the building (adjacent to the Arco Gas Station) and you will see two 8' x 8' panels - "Perry Foster" by Mitch Bierer and "Squid Licker" by Lauren Ys. Future plans will unveil a six-story mural when the site is redeveloped as the nexus connecting Divisadero with the Lower Haight. (

More about the murals at the car wash:

Photos by Kathy Drasky.