Green Ridge Lookout

Trailhead in Deschutes National Forest


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Set your camera on a tripod and sit back to watch nature’s stunning light show, both sunrise and sunset. Views of snow covered mountain peaks and dense forests of Douglas-fir, cedar, and Ponderosa pine stretch before you. As well as a stunning view, Green Ridge Lookout offers a bird watcher’s paradise. Wizard Falls Fish Hatchery, located just below the ridge, feeds the eagles every morning. Osprey also frequent the area. Keep binoculars handy. 

The cabin sits on a two-story tower hugging the side of Green Ridge. From the level parking area, there is a short boardwalk to the lower 20’ x 20’ wooden deck (with railings!). Follow a short, one story flight of steps to the catwalk of the upper deck surrounding the cabin. The one room cabin is furnished with a futon, a table and two chairs. It also features a propane refrigerator, an over-head light, a propane wall heater, and a three burner propane stove and oven, as well as miscellaneous basic cooking and eating utensils.  Visitors must bring plenty of water for drinking, cooking and washing.

  • Availability: Green Ridge Lookout is available for rent early May - June, and Mid September - Mid November. During the summer months, the lookout is staffed with Forest Service volunteers who help with forest fire detection.
  • Price and Capacity: $40 per night per group, with a maximum of four occupants.  Fees are used directly for the maintenance and preservation of the lookout.  
  • Reservations: The maximum length stay is fourteen consecutive nights.  Phone 1-877-444-6777 or visit 

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