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Angel of Goliad Trail

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The Angle of Goliad Trail, a 2-mile hiking, bicycle, pedestrian trail is totally handicapped accessible with multiple entry points for selected distances. The trail took 10 years to complete and serves to link multiple historical sites in Goliad. Named after Panchita Alavez, the "Angel of Goliad", as so designated by the survivors of the Goliad Massacre during the Texas Revolution on March 27, 1836, where Col. Fannin and 341 of his men who were captured by the Mexican forces at the Battle of Coleto and executed under direct orders of Santa Anna. Panchita was the wife of the paymaster of the Mexican Army and was directly and solely responsible for saving at least 28 lives during several confrontations. Those lives being that of the brave men fighting for Texas Independence.

The trail, paved and with board walks to provide total handicapped accessibility traverses a stretch of the San Antonio River. Natural habitat was preserved along the trail and serves as an excellent retreat for bird watchers and butterfly enthuiasists. Many "winter" Texans visit Goliad State Park and have commented on the natural beauty of the trail in its serene setting. Local high school biology classes identified flora along the trail; then those identifications were studied early spanish and pioneer days; then the local high school art classes composed the artwork of the flora for signs. Goliad is the only incorporated city in Goliad Country. The rural City of Goliad, by the 2000 census has 1,975 inhabitants. Goliad played such an important role in Texas History that many people travel to Goliad to seek out a part of their heritage. Goliad State Park encompasses the restored Mission Espiritu Santo, claimed to be the very first beginning of Cattle ranching in Texas during the Spanish missionary period. The vast lands of Mission Espiritu Santo had somewhere between 30,000 to 45,000 head of cattle in the mid-1700's and was the main source of beef for other missions in Texas. The City of Goliad maintains the trail.