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Ecological Feature in Cox Arboretum MetroPark


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A hallway of trees! This popular spot featured crabapples trees for more than 30 years, well-past their 20 year life expectancy. By 2014 the trees were in decline and needed to be replaced. 

The alee was replanted with 100 kousa dogwood trees (Cornus kousa). The new trees now extend the beauty of the alee providing 4 seasons of interest. Visitors now enjoy later and longer blooms, showy red fall foliage, ornamental bark and a bird attracting fruit display late in the season. Kousa dogwoods also have a longer ‘service life’ of 50+ years.

The alee also “went green” during the replanting. Grading improvements, a manual drip irrigation system and installation of landscape fabric help us reduce labor as well as our water and chemical use.

The Allee and it's Arbor are a popular spot for weddings. 

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