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Acid Bed

Ecological Feature in Aullwood Garden MetroPark


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Upon moving to Aullwood in 1924, Marie Aull scoured the countryside for wildflowers, planting and nurturing, learning about various effects of sun and shade, soil, moisture and slope, and gradually developed the magnificent plant-scapes we see today. 

This bed is intended to showcase collected plants that require more acid in the soil that others in the park. 

When Marie gifted the house and garden to MetroParks in 1977, she reserved a life estate in the process. This allowed her to live in the home for another 25 years, until her death at 105 in 2002. Her gift of the garden did not conclude her interest in the garden. Instead she worked closely with MetroParks staff,  developing a chronology of the blooming cycle of the garden, describing when certain flowers would appear, what type of care the plants needed, and a full calendar of the progression of Aullwood's beauty.