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Remnants of Street Cars

Historic Feature in Possum Creek MetroPark


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When the Argonne Forest Park was at it's peak in the 1920-40's, 8-9 former street cars from the defunct Oakwood-Dayton View line were used for kids to play in. When housing was hard to come by in the Great Depression, the cars were rented as summer cabins to people to live in. Now, only metal undercarriages remain. 

The following is a passage from a letter describing this life of a young couple who made one of these street cars their home in 1941:

"The street car rented for $12 a month, unfurnished. There was no electricity, no water on premises, and no sewer. Primitive camping at it's best! They had a folding steel cot, a gasoline cook stove, and a kerosene lamp, all borrowed...and their youth. They made a garden and had some fresh vegetables. They had been paying $36 a month for a furnished studio apartment, so they saved $24 a month for three months. A princely sum!"