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The Enchanted Forest of Orenco Woods



  • Directions

  • Distance

    1-2 Hours



Brought to you by the Parent Team at Daycation

This special Daycation begins with the sharing of a magical tale about a tricky traveler, a troll, and three golems. Read aloud to your little ones, and then set out to roam the enchanted forest of Orenco Woods Nature Park. Play along with them as you discover the mysteries of the story, and be sure to climb, swing and dig as well before heading home!

Features: A magical tale, an incredible nature playground, trees, bridges, and a view of Rock Creek.

Parking: Parking is available in the lot at Orenco Woods Nature Park.

Potty Break: Restrooms are available on site at Orenco Woods Nature Park

*Bonus: Metro has a special field guide just for Orenco Woods!  Check it out here.