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Ridge to Bridge: 20-Mile Bicycle



  • Directions

  • Distance

    20 miles one-way



On Saturday, April 18, 2020, hikers, mountain bikers, and equestrians will enjoy Ridge to Bridge - a trail adventure that takes you through Marin to the Golden Gate Bridge. Pre-arranged shuttles from Fort Baker / Horseshoe Bay to trailheads allow for gorgeous one-way trips. Along the way, we provide rest stops, a gourmet catered lunch, plus everything else for a wonderful day on the trail.

Just load up this Outing before you get out there, that way it'll be downloaded on your phone for offline use. While on your hike, click on the map to see your progress along the route.

Please view the paper map provided for turn-by-turn directions, rest stop information, and additional instructions!

The 20-mile ride begins at Pantoll Ranger Station on Mt. Tamalpais. From the heights of the ridge line trails you’ll have magnificent views of the ocean, tree-covered ridges, deep canyons and distant peaks. Soon, Mt. Tamalpais will be behind you, and you’ll descend into Tennessee Valley for a gourmet lunch. After climbing back up to the ridge line, you’ll enjoy open grasslands and coastal chaparral before the Golden Gate Bridge comes into view. Then, you will duck underneath the bridge to arrive at the trip's end at Fort Baker/Horseshoe Bay.