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Dry Creek Pioneer Regional Park



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    3.89 Miles Away


Trail Highlights:
This loop features a mixture of open grasslands and rolling hills, as well as creek side terrain lined with native trees. You’ll climb 450 feet up the ridge and be rewarded with panoramic vistas. Along the Pioneer Trail, and leading back to the Meyers Ranch site, the route takes you along parts of Dry Creek. There is one restroom and a water fountain at this parking lot. Dogs must be leashed in all parking lots, picnic areas, lawns, and always under voice control.

Trail Directions:
At the staging area, exit the parking lot and follow the signs to the trailhead, which is at the end of May Rd. Go through a cattle gate; at next gate, bear right onto High Ridge Loop trail. In about a third of a mile, stay right where High Ridge Loop Trail continues to the left. Walk briefly on the Tolman Peak Trail and then make an immediate left on Trail F.D. 143. You’ll begin climbing the hill parallel to the High Ridge Loop Trail. In about three quarters of a mile, you’ll pass through a cattle gate. Shortly after, turn left onto High Ridge Loop Trail, and then, in a quarter mile, go right onto Pioneer Trail. Stay left where Pioneer Trail splits, then turn left onto Meyers Ranch Trail at the bottom of the canyon. Follow Meyers Ranch Trail to the south, heading downstream. You will cross several bridges as you make your way down the canyon. Continue straight onto a short section of HighRidge Loop Trail, and proceed back to the staging area.

Park Features:
Together, Dry Creek Pioneer and Garin Regional Parks form one large parkland area consisting of historic ranch lands. At this park entrance, you can visit the Dry Creek Gardens near the Meyers’ Cottage during open hours. The two-acre garden showcases nearly 200 rare, native and exotic plants. The trails here offer a variety of landscapes and habitat, from shaded stream meanderings to more strenuous routes that ascend the hills and provide sweeping views of the East Bay.

Driving Directions:
From Highway 880 take the Whipple Road exit in Hayward. Head east on Whipple Road. After crossing Mission Boulevard, continue straight as Whipple becomes May Road and proceed to the end. You will see the staging area and dirt parking lot just up ahead