Bike the Columbia



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    A few hours to a full day — your choice!



By Crista Gardner & George Winborn, Metro

Are you looking for a quick and cooling summer day trip to the beach, or a picnic? Do you love to bicycle, walk, boat or swim? Then bike along the Columbia River from the natural wetlands of Smith and Bybee to the beautiful beaches of Broughton Beach to the lovely picnic areas at Blue Lake.

The bicycle ride boasts gorgeous scenery, flat and paved pathways, and plenty of sunshine. The parks offer respite from the summer heat through cool river water, shade of the trees, and lakeside facilities. Enjoy!

Features: Wetlands, the Columbia River, sandy beaches, a playground, and an amazing splash pad!

Potty Break: Restrooms are available at the Smith and Bybee Wetlands Natural Area, Gleason Memorial Boat Ramp, Broughton Beach, and Blue Lake Regional Park.

Parking: Park in the lot at the Smith and Bybee Wetlands Natural Area.