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Bay Area Ridge Trail: Stonebrae: The Dry Creek/5 Canyons/Garin Loop



  • Directions

  • Length

    20.82 Miles



A 21-mile trip to celebrate the long-awaited opening of the Ridge Trail thru Stonebrae Country Club at the crest of Walpert Ridge! Along with the Ridge Trail easement, Stonebrae donated 1000 acres of open space to the East Bay Regional Park District.

This is a long bike ride with several thousand feet of climbing & descending. Getting to the Ridge Trail from north or south is about a 1400ft climb, and there are no short cuts or bailouts.  Facilities are scarce and widely spaced so pack prudently.

  • Start/end in south Hayward at the May Road trailhead in Dry Creek Regional Park. There's a transit stop immediately west at Mission Blvd.
  • Climb the High Ridge Loop Trail thru Dry Creek to the new Whipsnake Trail (named for the endangered Alameda whipsnake that inhabits the rockpiles dotting the landscape). This route is very exposed for most of its length - hot in summer but great views any time. The Whipsnake Trail leads to the top of Walpert Ridge where the Ridge Trail section begins.
  • Follow the Ridge Trail north for several miles, taking in views of the entire San Francisco Bay, the Peninsula and South Bay, and even Mt Tam in  Marin. You'll also plunge into a wooded canyon that gives respite from the sun on hot days.
  • Continue til you cross 5 Canyons Parkway, then take the mostly shaded 5 Canyons trails back south. The trails here follow the creeks and are woven onto the community. The Deer Canyon Trail crosses back under 5 Canyons Parkway and connects to a cul de sac immediately east of the parkway.
  • From here there's about 3 miles of pavement riding before getting back onto trails. Return south along 5 Canyons Parkway & Fairview Avenue for about 2 miles, then turn right on Woodstock Rd and left in one block to Fox Hollow Drive, then right on Barn Rock Drive. Alternately, follow Fairview Avenue to where it becomes Hayward Blvd and continue to the Barn Rock Drive junction.
  • Cross Hayward Blvd and continue south on a short paved path to Mystic View Ct and take the first right turn onto another paved path. Follow it to a T junction with the Bailey Ranch Trail, a ranch road heading west down the hill.  This is part of the old Bailey Ranch that transferred to Regional Parks a few years ago. Descend that trail back to Garin Regional Park and follow Vista Peak, Old Homestead and High Ridge Loop trails back to the start at Dry Creek.

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