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Hurricane Creek Wilderness



  • Directions

  • Distance

    16 miles


The Hurricane Creek Wilderness can be accessed from two points: the Northeast corner at Chancel and the Southwest corner at Fort Douglas.  Hiking point to point between Fort Douglas and Chancel is a 13.4 mile trip.  The trail crosses Hurricane Creek twice.  During periods of high water, these crossings may be impassable.  You can avoid the Hurricane Creek crossings and reduce the length of the trip by 2.5 miles by utilizing the High Water Bypass.  You can also create two, separate "lollipop" loops by hiking in from either trailhead and then hiking the trail and back on the High Water Bypass.  From either trail head, this is approximately 16 miles.  There is a natural, stone arch "bridge" just to the East of the Western crossing of Hurricane Creek.  Please note, due to the Wilderness status of this area, the trail is not blazed as often as the remainder of the Ozark Highland Trail.  The trail also features some steep stretches of trail, making it more difficult than other parts of the trail.