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OuterSpatial helps your organization get its park and recreation data into the hands of visitors through modern interactive maps and mobile apps.
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Make it easy for visitors to connect with your organization by providing the best information and tools to find, plan, and share outdoor adventures on your lands and trails.
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A sophisticated CMS for managing your parks and recreation data.

  • Create, improve, and manage data through an easy-to-use web interface
  • Improve your data using billions (literally!) of crowdsourced GPS points
  • Add context with photos, notifications, events, and status information
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Interactive maps for your website and tools to build your own apps.

  • Embed beautiful, accessible interactive maps in your website
  • Create your own branded mobile app
  • Partner with other organizations to create regional or statewide apps
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Powerful publishing tools to get your data into the hands of your visitors.

  • Gain control of your data and its appearance across many interactive maps and apps, including the freely-available OuterSpatial Mobile app
  • Publish your authoritative data across the web for others to use
  • Gain insight into how your visitors are engaging with your parks and recreation data
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Connect with your visitors and take advantage of the crowd to improve your data.

  • Offer challenges and incentive programs that bring more people to your parks
  • Deepen your understanding of, and engagement with, your visitors using detailed visitation metrics
  • Allow your visitors to check in, report issues, contribute back, and share with their friends while out on the trail

The Platform

The core OuterSpatial platform includes Manager — an intuitive and easy-to-use CMS for parks and recreation data — and Publisher, an API (application programming interface) and set of download endpoints that make your data available in an open and accessible way. You can also extend your OuterSpatial subscription with the following add-ons:

Native mobile applications are expensive to build and hard to maintain, and public agencies and nonprofits are often not best situated to keep up with the ever-changing mobile technology space. It's important, however, to offer a modern mobile experience so visitors can access your authoritative content.

Your organization can use OuterSpatial Mobile to publish its parks and recreation data into a native mobile app that's specifically designed for outdoor recreation. The app is freely available to visitors on both iOS and Android. Or, if your organization wants its own app, you can use Mobile to create a branded application that uses your organization’s logo, name, and look and feel.

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