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Make it easy for visitors to connect with your organization – OuterSpatial gets your organization’s parks and recreation data into the hands of visitors, using modern interactive maps and mobile apps.
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A sophisticated CMS designed specifically for parks and recreation data.

  • Add context with photos, engaging descriptions, safety and contact information, digital brochures, and more.

  • Create and manage dynamic information such as events, status updates, and closure information.

  • Append tags to your geospatial data to make it easy for visitors to discover and interact with your trails, campgrounds, trailheads, and points of interest.


Interactive maps for your website and tools to build your own mobile apps.

  • Georeference your organization’s paper maps.

  • Create your own mobile responsive, branded interactive maps and embed them into your organization’s website.

  • Create full-featured and modern mobile apps branded specifically for your organization.

  • Partner with other organizations to create branded regional or statewide mobile apps.


Powerful publishing tools to get your data into the hands of your visitors.

  • Take full control of your data and present your organization’s authoritative content across your interactive maps and mobile apps.

  • Publish your data across the web for others to use while still maintaining full control.

  • Open up your data, making it available for web and mobile developers, planners, consultants, and even other organizations to use.


Connect with your visitors and utilize the crowd to improve your data.

  • Offer challenges and incentive programs to bring more people to your park.

  • Allow your visitors to check in, report issues, contribute back, and share their park experiences.

  • Gain insight into how visitors are engaging with your parks and recreation data — both remotely and while on the ground in your park.

The Platform

The core OuterSpatial platform includes Manager — an intuitive CMS for parks and recreation data — and Publisher, an API that makes your data available in an open and accessible way. Want more? You can extend your OuterSpatial subscription with the following add-ons:

Engage your community by publishing your data into OuterSpatial Mobile, a full featured modern, native iOS and Android app.

Native mobile applications are expensive to build and hard to maintain, and government agencies and nonprofits are often not best equipped to keep up with the ever-changing mobile technology space. It's important, however, to offer a modern mobile experience to give your visitors the best on the ground experience possible.

Your organization can use OuterSpatial Mobile to publish its parks and recreation data into a mobile app that's designed specifically for outdoor recreation. The app is freely available to visitors on iOS (and coming soon to Android!). Or if your organization wants its own app, you can use Mobile to create a branded application that uses your organization’s logo, name, and look and feel.

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