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Community Update

A New Home for Transit & Trails

Written by Jereme Monteau

May 13, 2020

Transit & Trails is now part of OuterSpatial!

After more than a decade helping hundreds of thousands of people find, plan, and share over a million outdoor activities, we are thrilled to announce that Transit & Trails* has a new home in OuterSpatial!

The idea of combining public transportation with outdoor recreation captured the imagination of people looking for more environmentally friendly ways to get outside — making parks accessible to those with no or limited access to cars. Transit & Trails built upon that original idea and brought it to people via a web and mobile app. The app grew to support parks and open spaces across the Bay Area and beyond.

With OuterSpatial, you now have access to the best Transit & Trails adventures along with interactive directions right from your phone. OuterSpatial has also expanded the trip planning features to allow visitors to choose their mode of transportation, be it walking, biking, transit, ridesharing, or driving.

On mobile? Check out Transit & Trails in OuterSpatial. And get out and enjoy, no matter how you get there!

  • As early as 1996, the Bay Area Open Space Council (now TOGETHER Bay Area) — along with Bay Nature — created “transit outdoor” maps designed to help people find public transit accessible parks and trails. Those early maps became the inspiration for Transit & Trails, which was incubated by the Bay Area Open Space Council and originally launched online in 2009.

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