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Published on August 15, 2021

Lost + found on the trails

With so many people out enjoying the island's land conservation areas, it's inevitable that personal possessions will occasionally get lost along the way. What to do when you find something on the trail? It depends.

If you come across something valuable or an item that would be damaged by exposure to the elements – such as a phone, a watch, or a wallet – bring it to that town's police station and report it to the conservation organization where the trail is located. When you contact the organization, be as specific as possible in your description of the item and where and when it was found.

For small items such as gloves, sunglasses, or children's toys, hang them at eye level on a branch or other visible location near where they were found, or bring them to the trailhead kiosk.

If you lose something while you're out walking or biking, the best first course of action – though time-consuming – is to retrace your steps. Check the trailheads too. If you can't find the missing item, contact the conservation group and the local police station with a description of what you lost and when and where you lost it. You can also post a "lost" notice in the local newspaper classified ads.