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Published on April 21, 2021

10 Second Tuesday! Sea Grape

Another fantastic native that has a somewhat misleading name, the Sea Grape actually is not at all related to grapes, nor is it a vine. This native, salt-tolerant shrub to small tree is a fantastic native to have in your yard. The large round leaves and interesting and beautiful! The leaves have a variety of different colors from deep greens to light pinks and even bronze when the new leaves are pushing out. The branches are a light to reddish brown and can be trimmed into beautiful small trees where the green to purple grape like berry structures can hang as if from it's own trellis. A gorgeous addition to any landscape, this plant is hardy and will do great even in dry soils. It tolerates the heat with it's waxy leaves that can handle most any condition. A fast grower, you'll have your own sea grape vineyard in no time! The birds will thank you for the fruit and safe cover to hide from predators.

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