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Published on January 10, 2023

Rain Storm/Tormenta de Lluvia

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Napa ParkRx

SHELTER INFORMATION IN SPANISH: Las personas sin hogar pueden acceder camas de refugio disponibles llamando 707-271-7818 o visitando el Centro de día del Refugio de Sur de Napa (100 Hartle Ct.) lunes – sábado de 8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. El Refugio de invierno también estará abierto para visitas nocturnas (mientras queden camas disponibles). Puertas abren a las 5 pm., 6 p.m. y 7 p.m. (Napa Valley EXPO, Riesling Hall – entrada en Burnell Street).Para acceso más tarde al Refugio de Invierno debido al horario nocturno de trabajo o escuela, por favor llame 707-997-1287

STORM UPDATES A few updates since we last connected on Friday. Today, Monday, we once again have a little break in the rain until the overnight hours into Tuesday.

  • The county Emergency Operations Center has been activated at the lowest level mainly to support county jurisdictions with storm infrastructure impacts on roads etc.
  • COAD will not have another emergency meeting unless we identify the need to activate because of unmet needs among the populations we support. Right now, most support needed is public infrastructure related.
  • The next band of rain comes through tonight (Monday) starting around midnight. It may be accompanied by lightning, but is a more moderate system in terms of rainfall. To track rainfall and the river flood forecast, visit:

<a href="" originalsrc="" shash="CCBSNst+6b74uU8zc7qvRwRhLy87eXfgBbR3fO4oMLUffJFUltc47Jo4aDQyJ3vIXLmbjzSjwZGIebt5wlADRgA8GaiQqk+o2LcqBD2WJX87yXG7jg8KlkMwc8MsZ62DBsYsl5wcdKSz4OA51pVJGxWDO638h8O4IhQgNoQ3JNE=" contenteditable="false" title="Original URL:

Click to follow link.">

  • Napa River is expected to peak today at 5PM.
  • Schools reopened after the winter break in Napa County this morning. At this point, they are not reporting any unmet needs.
  • Another moderate rain system moves in Wednesday through Friday This system is anticipated to be more moderate in Napa County, but will impact our neighbors to the west and north more strongly.
  • Rain remains in the forecast until January 20. The cumulative impact of so much rain continues to be closely monitored across all jurisdictions in Napa County.
  • There are numerous road closures. To stay informed about closures, visit:

<a href="" originalsrc="" shash="RcSoJfJLpeAuHfG7jx5gpjjR9j/1Lj2RW6N+c3Irb1vBUypUfrv+696GOSjr83z4zmKggRMDieqI1YdzuUWItxCSN0/LV2MltP9BViv+cNs8WLTHMI2q17cYW2fyk5naGCx7i3e7CotwlBc1SFP7bq6OtVmbawqpRjudTwiik1E=" contenteditable="false" title="Original URL:

Click to follow link.">Napa County Road closures<a href="" originalsrc="" shash="epINk+Lu+hRhb1iC2H5bZxzSKKtPWnGuivJouF/fmU9XItjPf8M1Q3v9RR9saehLAKH9Jbxd4wGwTFs2Akor1KNWGw2m2ybyNLdM5kqDoIeGC/Sg8F8uJKKt/sxkyhb6xgeaJQrGkVG/22w0CynpJFnJzIoh8M1GfyXqM8hQjVg=" target="_blank" contenteditable="false" title="Original URL:

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  • FROM PG&E: Crews are working to address power outages to about 66 customers in Napa County. PG&E reports that significant widespread outage activity is expected Monday and Tuesday, especially given the already saturated soils. Falling limbs, trees, land movement, flooding, blocked access, lighting, and strong winds will present outage and safety risks. Crews will continue to restore power quickly, when safe to perform required work.
  • Sandbags are still available for those in need. Visit this website for locations:


- Sign up for County ALERTS by texting your zip code to 888777

- Download the EVERBRIDGE App to your phone. You can select more options for receiving advisories and alerts

.- Check this link for more storm information and impacts on Napa County:

- Check on power outages at

- Check Zonehaven for sandbag locations and other information:

- Check the National Weather Service site for the greater Bay Area for more storm updates:

- Visit COAD Facebook page where we will continue to post storm updates:

- Check CalTrans Quickmap for travel and road information. You can also download the CalTrans App to your phone.


- Stay off the roads unless necessary, especially during the storms. This keeps you safer and keeps roads open for emergency personnel.

- Shelter in place during the storms. Even in the case of a power outage, you are better off sheltering at home than being out on the road. 

- NEVER touch a downed power line. FROM PG&E: Anyone who sees a downed line should call 800-743-5000 and press option 1 to report a hazard. Local first responder dispatch should call the first responders only number to call PG&E to make a safe response to hazards.

- Individuals with Access and Functional Needs can find additional resources through: PG&E partners with the California Foundation for Independent Living Centers (CFILC) to offer support for older adults and people with disabilities through the Disability Disaster Access and Resources (DDAR) Program. These include backup power options- Additional Safety Reminders from PG&E:

RESOURCES FOR UNHOUSED INDIVIDUALSAs of this morning, there were about 10-15 beds available in each of Napa's two open shelters:

South Napa Shelter - 100 Hartle shelter temporary hours:

Sunday day center: 8:30-5 (no showers or laundry)

Monday/Tuesday day center: 8:30-5

Wednesday- back to normal hours

Winter Shelter is open at the Napa Valley Expo (Riesling Hall) 5p-8a

  • Guests are encouraged to reserve a bed at the South Napa Shelter (or call the shelter- 707-271-7818) but can show up at the Winter Shelter at 5p (just no guarantee for a bed without a reservation).

Celeste Giunta Executive Director | Napa Valley COAD | 707-815-4227 | |