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Round Island South Conservation Area



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    60.54 acres



The Round Island Conservation Area is a 59-acre tract located on the west side of SR A1A, immediately to the south of Round Island Park. There are two dominant plant communities present on the property. A large mangrove wetland abuts the Indian River Lagoon and is accessible via a impoundment road along the perimeter of the system. To the east of the mangroves is a maritime hammock community dominated by mature live oaks. The main walking trail meanders along the edge of the mangrove wetlands.

The mangrove wetlands provide diverse potential habitat for numerous wildlife species; as you walk along the trail you may encounter wading birds, frogs and lizards, numerous crabs burrowing into the sand, and pools filled with juvenile fish. Manatees frolicking in the Lagoon are often observed from the impoundment road. The County has installed several culverts to improve the connection between the impoundment and the Lagoon. An on-going management plan is in place for the site that includes control exotic vegetation that colonizes the fringes of the wetlands, as well as portions of the hammock.

To improve access on the site, the County is in the process of design and permitting of a viewing area/boardwalk to be located at the southern end of the existing trail. Additionally, the County is developing a plan that may include placement of a floating kayak launch near the northwest portion of the impoundment (adjacent to the existing boat launch). We encourage the public to enjoy observing wildlife and learning about our conservation efforts, but please remember to leave only footprints on site!

Parking is available at Round Island Riverside Park.  Address 2200 South A1A, Vero Beach, FL 32963

Allowed Activities
Wildlife Watching
Fat Biking
Mountain Biking
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Rules & Regulation
No Illegal Substances
Carry Out Trash
No Dogs
No Motorized Wheeled Vehicles
No Campfires
No Camping