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Rocky Oaks



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    192.33 acres


Hidden amid houses, roads, and other signs of modern life, Rocky Oaks features a seasonal human ­made pond and a variety of plant communities that provide habitat for wildlife. While taking a gentle hike along our loop trails, enjoy vistas of the pond. Once used as a watering hole for cattle, the pond (when replenished with rainfall) now supplies drinking water to native animals such as rabbits, coyotes, bobcats, raccoons, and deer. Plants such as tule, cattail, and willow grow in and near the water, while water birds such as buffleheads, mallards, and coots perform take­offs and landings. Just as humans commute to and from work on roads and highways, animals use the area to rest and commute between other habitats in the Santa Monica Mountains.

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Parking lot and trails are unpaved.