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Kanaio Natural Area Reserve



Kanaio NAR is located in rough lava terrain on the southeast slope of Haleakala. The reserve protects a remnant of the native dryland forest that once covered the leeward slope of Haleakala. Kanaio protects a rich assemblage of native dryland trees and shrubs.

Additional Information


  • Cenchrus agrimonioides var. agrimonioides (Endangered)
  • Polyscias sandwicensis (Species of Concern)
  • Capparis sandwichiana (Species of Concern)
  • Bonamia menziesii (Endangered)
  • Acacia koaia (Species of Concern)
  • Vigna o-wahuensis (Endangered)
  • Alphitonia ponderosa (Species of Concern)
  • Melicope hawaiensis (Species of Concern)
  • Santalum haleakalae var. lanaiense (Endangered)
  • Sideroxylon polynesicum (Species of Concern)
  • Nothocestrum latifolium (Endangered)


  • Manduca blackburni (Blackburn’s Sphinx moth) (Endangered)