Kaʻena Point, State Park



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    1509.13 acres


UPDATE: 2/17/21 - The Kaena Point State Park Vehicle Access Gate on the Mokuleia side (north shore) remains CLOSED due to ponding and poor road conditions. At times, closing the road to vehicle access is necessary to preserve the road and limit environmental impact.

The Keawaula gate (west side) is CLOSED but the park is OPEN.

10/19/20 - Hawaii State Parks is extending the 2020 Kaena Point Vehicle Access Special Use Permits to be valid through Dec. 31 2021. For more information please see below.


-Use is limited to daytime only. This means 1 hour before sunrise to 1 hour after sunset

-No groups over 10 individuals

-Please respect social distancing practices

- Restrictions for outdoor recreation include the following:

HIKING: No group of more than two persons is allowed to hike on state trails, unless all hikers in the group are part of a single residential or family unit sharing the same address. All persons not part of a single residential or family unit shall maintain a distance of at least 20 feet from any other hiker.

- BEACHES: All groups are limited to a single residential or family unit sharing the same address, and no family group shall exceed 10 persons. All persons not part of a single residential or family unit shall maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from any other beach user.

- HOURS: All park areas are open for day-use only, all overnight uses, including camping, are prohibited. Please heed the posted park hours, which may be more restrictive than normal park hours.

Ka‘ena Point State Park is a relatively remote and wild coastline park with hiking, picnicking, and shoreline fishing opportunities. The park is wraps around the northwest corner of the island of Oahu and is composed of two sections: the Ka‘ena Point Mokuleia Section (north shore of Oahu) and the Ka‘ena Point Keawa’ula Section (west side of Oahu).

Allowed Activities
Wildlife Watching

Additional Information


  • Falling Rocks
  • Dangerous Shorebreak
  • Strong Current


  • No Motorized Vehicles/ATV's
  • No Animals/Pets
  • No Alcoholic Beverages
  • No Camping
  • No Smoking
  • No Driving on Beach

Available Amenities

  • No Drinking Water
  • Restroom
  • Showers
  • Trash Cans

Additional Info

  • Long family hike (2.7 miles one-way) along volcanic coast with tide pools, small natural stone arches and fine views of Makua coastline.
  • Early morning dolphin sightings from point near Kaluakauila stream mouth.
  • Viewing of the large sea cave, Kaneana, legendary home of Nanaue the shark man.
  • Hot and dry area with little shade.
  • No drinking water.

2021 Vehicle Permits

Due to the financial impacts of the on-going Covid-19 pandemic Hawaii State Parks will not be renewing the Vehicle Access Special Use Permits for Kaena Point for the year 2021. Existing 2020 permits will be valid through December 31, 2021.

The Vehicle Access Special Use Permit is required to drive a vehicle into Ka‘ena Point State Park Reserve, Mokuleʻia Section, beyond the gate and the paved road that ends at the gravel parking area. Initiated in 2015 primarily as a cultural and natural resources management tool that was generally supported by the community to protect Ka‘ena, this permit system aimed to curtail 20 years of increasing landscape degradation caused by uncontrolled four-wheel drive vehicle use in the reserve. Permit conditions require drivers to remain on a limited number of designated dirt roads and stress that this is not a four-wheel drive recreation area – but that the designated roads are for responsible access for fishing, sightseeing, coastal access and to get to the Natural Area Reserve and the point itself.


Daily 7:00am to 6:45pm

Entrance Fee