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California State Mining and Mineral Museum



There’s gold in the hills of California! The California State Mining and Mineral Museum houses a large collection of rare minerals and gems, as well as mining artifacts. The museum is home to the official mineral collection for the state of California. With more than 13,000 pieces from all around the world, including the largest remaining mass of crystalline gold, the Fricot Nugget. Visit the mine tunnel to see how gold was mined in the mid-1800s. Start the working, scale model of a stamp mill to see how gold was extracted from the rocks. Get hands-on with the interactive exhibits and make sure to keep an eye on that saber-tooth tiger! Make this must-see stop on your way to Yosemite or visit to Mariposa County.

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Rules & Regulation
No Dogs

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Accessibility Description

The museum exhibits are accessible. A gift shop is accessible with staff available to help reach some items. Parking in the spaces designated accessible requires a 300-foot trip along an unmarked vehicular traffic path, but a drop-off option can be arranged. The entry ramp is usable. Restrooms are generally accessible.