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Zuma & Trancas Canyons



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    6632.58 acres


Zuma! It is derived from the Chumash word for “abundance.” Certainly, Zuma and neighboring Trancas Canyons satisfy this description. The perennial streams running through these canyons give rise to an abundance of animal and plant life. These same natural resources have influenced and given rise to a long and rich cultural history.

While venturing through the canyons, look and listen for the signs of life around you. Walk carefully along the trails and discover tracks of deer, rabbit and coyote. Marvel at the delicate homes of funnel web spiders hiding in the earth’s tiny crevices. Listen for the shy wren­tit, the “voice of the chaparral.” Though rarely seen, its call sounds like a ping­pong ball echoing throughout the canyon. Marvel at the profusion of springtime wildflowers.

Allowed Activities
Horseback Riding
Mountain Biking
Dog Walking
Wildlife Watching
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Dogs On Leash

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Two of the three parking lots are unpaved.