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Santa Catalina Island



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    42101.51 acres



Santa Catalina Island Regional Park is one of Los Angeles County’s most beautiful family escapes. Visitors have access to more than 42,000 acres of natural open space including majestic scenic views of the island. Nature enthusiasts travel near and far to enjoy miles of intriguing hiking trails, exciting camping experiences and a wildlife sanctuary. 

Before starting out on your journey, Hiking Permits are required for your safety.  They are free of charge and are available online or can be obtained at the Trailhead visitor center, Nature Center, Airport in the Sky, and Two Harbors Visitor Information Center.  Please also be sure to also read the Cautions and Policies.To purchase a map with additional features for only $3.00, please visit the Trailhead visitor center, the Airport in the Sky, Nature Center, or Wrigley Memorial & Botanic Garden.  The map is also free with an Explorer Level Membership and above, as a new member bonus.  To support the Conservancy by becoming a member join HERE.